Womb Love Initiation

Unlock the mysteries of your womb

This transformative 12 week course is the starting point of our complete four part Womb Love (r)Evolution journey.

Step into the ancient mysteries and sacred rhythms of the feminine through this profound four part journey

The Womb Love (r)Evolution ushers you through the thresholds of profound transformation. Each phase builds upon the last in an unfolding tapestry woven from your unique experiences.

Will you answer the call and commit to the depth and mystery of this journey? The time is now to unveil your feminine power.

Note: You can take any of the Womb Love courses as standalone module options at any time but they do work best when attended sequentially as a complete journey.

Womb Love 2 Awakening

Womb Love 2: Awakening

Kindle Your Inner Fire

Womb Love 3 Reclamation

Womb Love 3: Reclamation

Embody Your Inner Wisdom

Womb Love 4 Full Bloom

Womb Love 4: Full Bloom

Flower into Sensual Bliss

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Womb Love 1: Initiation

Womb Love 1 Initiation

Our Initiation course provides the foundational knowledge and embodied understanding that we then build on in the following three phases of the profound Womb Love (r)Evolution journey. It is THE essential starting point, an invitation into the deep wisdom, power, insight and energy (Shakti) housed within your womb.

Taking this first step is not to be taken lightly, it will open you up to a world of treasures but it also requires commitment and a deep desire from you to learn more about yourself and your own body.

So if you’re tired of being kept in the dark when it comes to understanding yourself, your ebbs and flows of energy, YOUR unique cyclical nature, AND the messages coming through from your body courtesy of your menstrual cycle then this is the place to begin.

Crossing this INITIATION threshold will guide you into a life of enrichment, sustainability and reconnection. As you immerse yourself in womb wisdom we will uncover the secrets of menstrual cycle awareness (and your own unique patterns within this) and how this cycle connects more widely to the seasonal cycles of nature and the moon.

THIS is a journey of reclamation and remembering, a re-discovering of who you are and what YOUR needs and desires are – body, mind and soul – so those parts of you that might have been hidden away or forgotten about in the course of living can be welcomed back home and honoured.

Rest assured our Initiation course is not about fixing you, because you don’t need fixing, rather it’s an invitation to self-discovery, empowerment and full spectrum blossoming. A shared journey back to wholeness, into a deeper understanding of your inherent and innate feminine power and body wisdom…. and I can’t wait for you to join me in our explorations together.

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What is Womb Love?

The Eternal Dance Navigating our Cyclical Rhythms


As women, we are intrinsically connected to the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the moon. Our energy waxes and wanes, mirrors the lunar phases, and dances in harmony with the seasons.

Yet in the rush of modern life, we often override these natural rhythms. We dismiss messages from our bodies and push through fatigue or intuition.

Reconnecting with your cyclical nature is profoundly empowering. When you understand the patterns unique to your womanhood, you can learn to adapt and nourish yourself through the cycles within each month, year or season, whether menstruating or not.

We cross so many thresholds as women: menarche, pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, menopause. Even within stable periods, our needs change through life’s twists: injury, illness, loss, grief.

The Womb Love Initiation journey guides you to:

  • Tune into your body’s signals and honour your own rhythms
  • Discover how to care for your needs in each phase of your menstrual cycle
  • Adapt your self-care practices to find balance through all of life’s cycles
  • Develop a compassionate, intuitive approach to wellbeing that meets you where you are

As you awaken to the wisdom within your cycles, you will uncover a sustainable path filled with insight and self-knowledge. You will gain the tools to help you through every season, transition, and threshold with mindfulness, resilience, and empowerment.

Join us to embrace your cyclical nature and listen to the profound messages your body has to share.

Let your life, your movement, self care and spiritual practice blossom into a flow tending to you in each moment.

Why Choose Womb Love?

  • Awaken your innate feminine power and womb wisdom
  • Deeply understand your menstrual cycle and inner rhythms to support your life
  • Journey into your body’s wisdom using proven techniques
  • Join a community of women reclaiming their womanhood, banishing shame, and sharing stories that empower
  • Make impactful changes and address taboo topics through shared support – women supporting women!

Feel more ‘you’ with every session

This live 3-month online course is designed to help you lean into your feminine cycle to become the most compassionate you can be to yourself, discover your superpowers, and bring all of yourself into the world.

Women dancing on the beach

Past participants have experienced:

  • Feeling completely held and supported on their fertility journey
  • Reduction of symptoms including those associated with endometriosis, PCOS, and PMS
  • Pain-free periods (yes, really)
  • Becoming less self-critical and more confident
  • Feeling empowered over their shifting moods and energies
  • Reclaiming their wild nature and deepest desires
  • Reconnecting with sexual energy and full sexual expression
  • A deeper understanding of themselves and a sense of ‘trusting’ life more
  • Ability to better support other women through their own work—as coaches, yoga teachers, and healthcare professionals

This course is basically like a lovely warm hug (for your womb)

Whether you’re brand new to the idea of cycle awareness, a seasoned cycle-charter, or even starting your journey into menopause, this programme will give you the permission you need to honour your body and enter your power.

“Lara is a wonderful teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share & many creative approaches to doing so! I was already actively searching for a circle & a teacher to support me in my journey when I came across Lara. I am extremely grateful to have found her. This is vital work & I love love love it! Each session is a gift, each circle an opportunity to grow – to support & be supported. My heart, mind, body & soul thank you for it Lara!”

– Izzy

Discover Your body’s wisdom

​What’s included in Womb Love?

Womb Love: Initiation is a deep, embodied 12-week journey to reconnect with your feminine essence and the wisdom of your menstrual cycle. This is not a one-size-fits all course – instead, you’ll learn to listen to your unique rhythms and integrate practices in ways that feel right for you.

Here is what you’ll receive in this transformative experience:

  • Seven live interactive zoom calls every 1-2 weeks to build knowledge, practices, and community. Recordings provided for flexibility.
  • Breathwork, meditation, yoga, and somatic movement to encourage womb wellness, whole-body healing and deep rest
  • Traditional tools like womb massage, steaming, wrapping, herbs and tinctures for holistic care
  • Dietary guidance for hormonal balance, fertility, and optimal womb health
  • Private Facebook group to share your journey and find support between sessions
  • Reflective handouts summarizing key learnings from each call, with space for your insights
  • Videos and audio practices in movement, breathwork, and relaxation for self-guided exploration
  • Recommended resources for diving deeper into the wisdom of your cycles
  • Nature and moon cycle tools for harmonizing with earth’s rhythms
  • 1:1 coaching time with me for personalized support and guidance
  • A compassionate community of women to bear witness and hold space for your transformation
  • A trauma informed approach, aimed at honouring and nurturing our nervous systems

This is an intuitive journey that meets you where you are. You’ll be guided to discover what your unique body and cycles are communicating, so you can live and practice in greater alignment, balance, and empowerment.

Not sure whether this course is a good fit for you?

Book in for a free 30 minute consultation with me and let’s chat.

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“I only wish that I had done this course 30 years ago when I was starting out on my journey through womanhood. The information and techniques I learned would have served me so well. However, I’m so glad I did it now and I would recommend it to all women right through to perimenopause. Lara is such a knowledgeable, caring teacher and mentor and her ability to hold everyone in a circle, even online, is fantastic.”

– Sarah

Still got questions?

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