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Supporting, nurturing and empowering women to create a new transformative and radical self-love story

Through Yoga, Movement, Meditation, Bodywork, Community, Seasonal and Cycle awareness

Authentic, Inituitive, Inspiring, Creative and Fun

Womanhood is an amazing journey, but at times we can all lose our way.

Busy stressful lives, negative thoughts, too much doing and not enough being leaves us disconnected from who we really are and the incredible combination of softness and strength we have inside us.

We often feel overloaded and overburdened, lacking self-love, always giving, never receiving, pushing to get things done, yet feeling depleted. We place value on what’s outside us, what we do, rather than on what we are at our core. We don’t listen to our bodies’ subtle messages coming with the ebb and flow of energy as we move through each month and through our lives with the seasonal shifts of the earth.

Had enough of the struggle and need support to get out of your head and back into your body?

allwoman can get you back onto the right path, back in balance through Yoga, Somatic Movement, Meditation, Massage and self-care.

From a girl just entering womanhood to women wanting to conceive, during pregnancy, birth or motherhood or transitioning into menopause, allwoman nurtures and supports women’s wellbeing at every stage of life.

allwoman provides a fantastic range of programmes, both face to face in Leeds or online from wherever you are in the world, to empower women to love their bodies from within.

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