Dive deeper into your wild nature

Explore the mystery of the feminine

From menarche to menopause, we nurture every stage of a woman’s journey

Our transformative courses and trainings inspire you to reclaim your body’s freedom, align with your cyclical nature, and synchronize with the rhythms of the Earth.

We offer Yoga, Somatic Movement and Embodiment Education designed to support the different stages and thresholds of a woman’s life, in service to the Divine Feminine.

Providing supportive trauma informed soul led Community support and education spaces in which women can feel deeply nourished in order to thrive.

“The feminine leads us to the sharp edge of experience. There we feel our feeling in our bodies; there our secrets become visible in the darkened, unvisited corners of our psyches. Claiming the unswept corners of our psyches leads us to compassion for ourselves and for others.”

– Marion Woodman

Dive into your essence with allwoman

Supporting you to…

Rediscover your wild nature

Women are inherently wild. Our trauma-informed Yoga, Somatic, and Intuitive Movement courses delve into cyclical wisdom and cycle awareness, reconnecting you with your body and rekindling your primal fire.

Embrace your spirit

With diverse practices like Yoga (we weave together an extensive range of styles including Restorative, Womb Yoga, Hatha), Meditation, Breathwork, Somatic and Intuitive Movement, and creative feminine arts, we guide you through open enquiry, fostering deep connection and rewilding.

Unite through community

Our spaces are dedicated to cultivating community and belonging. Through embodied learning and training, we equip curious creatives, movers and dancers, health professionals, teachers and facilitators in a variety of fields, to expand their teaching and facilitation skills to guide and uplift women in their local circles, weaving a global web of allwoman support.

“I am nature, I am woman leave me wild.”​

Reconnect to your innate feminine power and body wisdom

The Embodied Harvest

The Embodied Harvest: A Journey Into Presence
Saturday 13th July and Sunday 14th July, Leeds
In this two-day workshop, we’ll dive into the wisdom of our physical selves, cultivating a profound sense of connection to the world around us.
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Womb Love Initiation Course – Unveil Menstrual Wisdom​
Your entry point to exploring your womanhood and cyclical nature
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Shelter Community

Shelter Community
A nourishing space for curious, community focused explorers who want to get to know themselves better in a full bodied, embodied way
Doors open again in July
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Lara Heppell

Mentoring & Supervision
Whatever your business or personal challenge, let’s solve it together.
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One to One Support
Free, no obligation 30 minute consultation call
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When you support women, you support the world

Join our movement, embrace the wild within, and celebrate the mysteries of the feminine with allwoman.​

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