Stirring: Imbolc Awakening Fire Workshop

When: Thursday 1st February

Time: 6.30pm UK, 7.30pm CET, 9.30am PT, 12.30pm ET (duration 2 hours)

Where: On Zoom

🔥Stirring: Imbolc Awakening Fire Workshop🔥

This threshold, welcoming Spring, brings with it an inner awakening – a gentle yet enlivening stir of creativity and intuition that’s been gently incubating since Winter’s retreat.

Imbolc, the festival of awakening fire is a liminal space, a pause point between worlds that awakens your body’s wisdom and nurtures the seeds longing to unfurl within.

Join me for a transformative 2-hour online experience on Thursday 1st February 2024, 6.30pm UK, 7.30pm CET, 9.30am PT, 12.30pm ET

We’ll get curious and explore together, tending the embers of potential glowing within using embodied movement and creative expression.

Taking time to connect to fluid, intuitive, rhythmic waves of movement and breath, stirring change within. Together, we’ll explore the seeds germinating in our bellies and womb space, ready to be born. This is not about setting actionable goals; it’s an invitation to tune into your embodied felt sense and connect with the rhythm of your fluid nature.

🌺Workshop Highlights

  • Explore inner waves of insight and creativity
  • Connect with the seeds growing in your belly, waiting to flourish in Spring
  • Discover what wants to be felt, seen, heard, and remembered
  • Explore how community can support your journey in the year ahead
  • Weave themes and ideas through shared creative practice and reflection
  • Witness one another’s unfolding, seeing what emerges in this held nurturing space
  • Through somatic breathwork, mindful and intuitive movement, explore what nourishment and support you need to flourish fully into the year ahead

💫What to Expect in the Workshop

This will be a fluid, playful and creative session. Through movement and shared creative practice, we’ll connect with the seeds of change. Deep presence and inner connection will guide us to weave together the threads currently shaping our lives.

🌟Why Join?

  • A FREE workshop fostering community and belonging
  • An opportunity to explore the inner “Stirring” and the fluid nature of your body
  • Connect with a shared intention and open up to possibility
  • Experience the collective mirror that brings clarity to the unseen

We’re making space for your deepest voice to surface during this session. Mining your inner knowing through embodied practice and ritual.

Save the Date: Thursday 1st February 2024, 6.30pm UK, 7.30pm CET, 9.30am PT, 12.30pm ET

Let’s gather alone and together to welcome the awakening fire within us.

Embrace the magic of Imbolc and the potential it holds for growth, transformation, and shared connection.

Feel the warmth of the awakening fire. See you there! 🔥🌙✨

Stay afterwards if you’d like to learn about my intimate women’s circle community called Shelter as it reopens its doors in February and March 2024 (our third year online, though tenth year of running these circles).

Find out more about this sacred space for self-inquiry and community.
Space is limited – claim your place to awaken intuition and set empowered intentions.

I look forward to moving, breathing and diving inward together!

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