The Embodied Harvest: A Journey Into Presence

When: Saturday 13th July 2024 and Sunday 14th July 2024

Time: 1.30pm (duration 3.5 hours)

Where: Adel Quaker Meeting House, Leeds, LS16 6AZ

The Embodied Harvest: A Journey Into Presence

As we approach the sacred festival of Lammas at the beginning of August, join us on an embodied exploration of self and surroundings.

In this intimate two-day workshop, we’ll dive deep into the wisdom of our physical selves, cultivating a profound sense of “I am-ness” and connection to the world around us.

The Embodied Harvest

Day 1: Standing in Presence

Saturday 13th July, 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Through mindful somatic movement and fascial exploration, we’ll unravel the patterns that restrict our upright freedom. By investigating our habitual ways of standing and moving, we’ll invite new possibilities for ease, grounding, and embodied presence. This journey will liberate us from limitations, allowing our inner harvest to flourish.


The Embodied Harvest (1)

Day 2: The Restorative Reaping

Sunday 14th July, 1:30pm – 5:00pm

On this restorative day, we’ll surrender into the depths of our beings, tapping into the profound intelligence of our fascia. Through gentle somatic movement and breath work, mind-body practices and the support of soft balls, we’ll release layers of tension, opening to deep rest and integration. As we align with the energy of summer we’ll reap the fruits of our labour, embodying gratitude for the bounty within.

Each day will open for spacious arriving and settling from 1.30pm, aiming for a prompt start to our practice time of 2pm.

You can book the workshops individually. However, they work beautifully together to offer a fully immersive mind, body and soul re-treat.


Price £40 per workshop or £70 for both.

Space is limited to enable a more intimate, close knit community feel.

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