What women are saying about our yoga classes, courses, workshops and one to one support.

“Lara is amazing. I can truly say that in the 6 years since I met Lara she has had a profound impact on my health and wellbeing. She really got me hooked on yoga with her small slow flow hatha class which was so different to the gym classes I had done before then. Lara also introduced me to restorative yoga, which has become my favourite form of yoga practice. Lara has supported me with the challenges of my menstrual health – endometriosis, through the perimenopause with Well Woman yoga.”

– A, Group Yoga and One to One Support

“Lara is so clear with her instructions and very resourceful in how she delivers her classes. I’m definitely going to have regular virtual sessions because they promote stress release and promote relaxation as well as keeping my body moving – I felt so much better after this morning’s session. I’m already looking forward to the next one!”

– K, One to One Yoga Support

“I joined Lara’s first Unearth the Wild Within course. It was an amazing journey getting in touch with nature and seasons while following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, exploring through Yoga, somatic movement and ancient wisdom. This has supported me in my transition towards the menopause. Being together with other women in a supportive environment sharing the practices and self exploration are something women need in our busy and stressful lives.”

– AM, Unearth the Wild Within participant

“I attended several Pregnancy Yoga classes, as well as the Birth Preparation Workshop with my partner ahead of the birth of our baby. Not only did attending classes reduce my anxiety about the upcoming birth, but I was able to use the yoga and hypnobirthing techniques I had practiced to have the positive birthing experience I wanted. Thank you so much, it really did make all the difference.”

– N, Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Workshop

“From shell shocked to grounded and soothed! Thank you so much Lara and all the lovely women in our Moon Circle tonight. Sending hugs.”

– J, New Moon Gathering

“I’ve thoroughly loved this class during both of my pregnancies, from the space it creates for me to connect to my baby and the movement sequences created just for the pregnant body. Lara manages to create a safe supported space, where all pregnant ladies feel welcomed and loved. What sets this class apart from others is the strong focus also on preparing for birth, with the use of breath, movement and sound which can be used in labour. The class always involves rest and relaxation, leaving you feeling nourished and connected to baby.”

– O, Pregnancy Yoga

“Lara creates and holds a space in her class where you can go deep inside and find the areas that require care and attention, and nurture them a while. It is the most holistic and nourishing yoga that I have ever done.”

– T, Restorative Yoga

“We would all arrive at our circle, a little frazzled, broken, despondent – all in desperate need to share, express ourselves and gather our inner strength. Your wise, well researched insights helped to curate that space. A space for us all to breathe a little deeper, delve a little deeper and learn so much on the way. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and wisdom over the past year. I will always be eternally grateful to you and our circle of wonderful, brave, strong women.”

– N, Unearth the Wild Within

“So, Lara…she is an amazing lady! Her knowledge, skills and approach taught me so much, she is inspiring! She isn’t pushy at all but encouraged me to read more and do things my own way, trusting my instinct.”

– Well Woman Yoga

“My relationship with Lara is very special and important to me. It is not an over-exaggeration to say that meeting her has changed my life. I first met her a few months after having the miscarriage and I was just coming out of a period of high anxiety…She was so warm and understanding and I ended up bursting into tears. I felt safe and supported by Lara in that moment and I also felt a release of emotion. It had clearly been very important for me to take some space for myself that day and it was a gentle turning point for my recovery.”

– L

“Well what can I say… thank you so blooming much for supporting me through this journey!!! I couldn’t have got this far without all of your wise words and deep relaxation sessions, you are truly one in a million and I can’t wait for the full circle to be complete and for you to hold our daughter.“

– B, One to One Fertility and Pregnancy Support

“Thank you for all your skilled advice and support during the months I attended your Pregnancy Yoga class. It made a real difference, not just physically, but feeling part of a group of women experiencing the same amazing and sometimes difficult journey.”

– J, Pregnancy Yoga

“I have attended Yoga for Living With Cancer for quite a few years now. It has been of massive benefit to me and my husband as a carer. Lara, our yoga instructor, is a fount of knowledge. Every class is different, and I look forward to each one. I have learnt so much from attending and always feel a sense of peace and tranquillity. Lara is amazing at what she does and has given me lots of tips. We have met some lovely people and it’s a great way of giving yourself some special time just for you.”

– L, Yoga for Living With Cancer

“The course was a brilliant extension of Lara’s positive, practical and holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. I loved the bespoke nature of the course; that we all had the opportunity to share our hopes and fears and the careful, individual attention we each received to ensure we were comfortable and ready for each practice.”

– J, HypnoYoga for Birth Workshop

“Thank you so much for my lovely restorative cave this evening at Pregnancy Yoga! It’s rare that when my anxiety is that high that I am able to stay in the environment that I’m in – it was a real revelation this evening to be able to see it through. Loving Pregnancy Yoga, so thank you!”

– N, Pregnancy Yoga

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