Womb Love Initiation

Exploring our womanhood and cyclical nature

Womb Love is a 3 month online course for women taking you through every phase of your menstrual cycle/monthly rhythm as your energy ebbs and flows.

What you’ll receive:

  • Live fortnightly Zoom calls (plus lifetime access to the recordings via a special website portal for ease of access)
  • Breathwork, meditation, yoga, and somatic practices to encourage womb wellness and invite healing into the body
  • Ancient womb healing tools, including self-care womb massage, vaginal steaming, womb wrapping, and advice on herbs, and tinctures
  • Dietary guidance to optimise your fertility, womb health, and hormonal balance
  • Opportunity to build nurturing listening partnerships with like-minded women. These are optional and encourage a very embodied approach to sharing, with guidelines to help support your conversations and enhance the circle experience of this course
  • Private members-only Facebook group to share your experience and receive support in between our sessions
  • Slide decks and reflective handouts after each session with an overview of your learning while leaving space for further self enquiry, embodiment, and reflection
  • Extra videos and audio recordings of short key practices to explore in your own time, including breathwork and relaxation to help you develop your self-practice
  • Bonus resources, recommended viewing, and recommended reading to dive deeper into the wisdom of your cycle (you can choose to do as much or as little extra learning as feels right for you)
  • Additional tools to work with the magic of the earth and lunar cycles
  • Two exclusive short face-to-face coaching sessions with me to receive additional support throughout the course—worth £60
  • 20% discount on 1:1 support sessions and womb healing products

Discover the sacred experience of living in a female body

Invest in your wellbeing (you’re worth it!)

Womb Love Complete Plan

To be confirmed

Womb Love Enrichment Plan

To be confirmed

How Womb Love works

During the 3 months, we’ll have seven live sessions together in total. These are held on a fortnightly basis to allow time for the practices and information to be explored, embodied, and integrated between each session.

The next Womb Love course will be starting soon.

The dates of the live calls are to be confirmed.

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