Wise Woman Womb Wellbeing Support Programme

Bringing love, healing and awareness to your womb health and wellbeing

Celebrate your heart/womb connection with our bespoke one to one womb health awareness programme, providing balance, harmony and wise woman insight and helping you develop a deeper connection to your inner womb wisdom and your uniquely feminine self.

We’ve designed this bespoke 8 week or 12 week programme to provide balance, harmony and support to all women, whether you’re menstruating or not, helping you to move from feeling less than optimal and disconnected from your womb to feeling brighter, more vibrant, knowledgeable and connected.

As women, we’re all different, so after getting really clear on what your real desires are for your wellbeing and womb health, we’ll support you to create a therapeutic womb health focused programme to meet your unique needs and the time you’re able to commit to your health and wellbeing outside our sessions together.

During this programme, the therapeutic services we offer include womb focused Yoga, herbs and tonics for womb health, combined with coaching and mentoring around womb health related issues, cycle awareness, diet, lifestyle and hormonal concerns.

You’ll learn new ways to support your feminine wellbeing to feel better more of the time and develop a toolkit of practices to enhance your health and wellbeing through breathing, Meditation and visualisation techniques as well as yogic practices and improved self-care techniques.

You’ll develop your understanding of how to work with, rather than against, your cyclical ebbs and flows of feminine energy and the cycles of the moon to enhance your health, wellbeing and self-awareness, enabling you to nourish and nurture yourself more deeply in your daily life.

You may also be interested in our 8 or 12 week Wise Woman Womb Love Support Programme, which is based in Leeds.

For You if…

  • You want to improve your self-care and long term wellbeing by enhancing your peace of mind and creating more space and ease in your life.
  • You wish to increase your self-love and deepen your own inner awareness, so you can listen to the needs of your body and soul.
  • You want to bring your hormones and energy levels into balance so you feel more grounded, energised and vitalised.
  • You’d like to develop a better connection to yourself and your womb health and wellbeing.
  • You’d like to understand your menstrual cycle and how you can effectively support your womb health.
  • You need support to rebalance and harmonise while you transition through perimenopause and menopause.
  • You’d like to understand what happens when you stop bleeding and the impact the moon can have on your feminine energy and your cycle.
  • You’re looking for ways to improve your symptoms of womb related issues, painful periods or erractic moods and want to work on understanding how you can help yourself to balance your hormones to feel more balanced and support any pain or discomfort.

Brilliant for…

  • All women, whether they are cycling or not.
  • Women moving from perimenopause into menopause wanting to ease the transition.
  • Women craving the time and space to deepen their self-awareness and just be.
  • Women suffering from PMT, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, painful or irregular periods or symptoms of perimenopause or menopause who would like to take a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.
  • Women who are ready to nurture and nourish themselves more deeply through deeper self-connection.
  • Women who are ready for more self-compassion, love and kindness in their lives.
  • Women who are committed to self-care and womb connection practices and wish to integrate them into their lives for increased balance, energy and vitality.
  • Women wanting to understand their cyclical nature and superpowers that can be found within their menstrual cycle and how this changes when they move into menopause.
  • Women who would like to learn about womb health wisdom and techniques that have been shared from wise women to wise women throughout time.

What’s included

You can either choose the standard programme or you can add womb healing Yoga too.

Standard Mentoring Programme

  • During your initial in-depth 2 hour consultation we’ll discuss your health and wellbeing, your wants and needs, your goals and your journey so far before starting to create your bespoke Wise Woman Womb Wellbing Support Programme, taking into consideration the time you can commit to the programme and your budget.
  • After your first session there, you’ll have a one week break when we’ll work together to curate the content of your programme before you receive your bespoke Womb Wellness Prescription. And then your 8 or 12 week journey begins and we start our therapeutic one to one sessions together, which will help to optimise your womb and hormonal health using self-care techniques, herbs, tonics and lifestyle and dietary changes.
  • A simple Ayurvedic Dosha assessment during your initial consultation will help us to develop your individual toolkit of practices to bring your body and mind into balance.
  • You’ll receive six 1 hour Skype coaching/mentoring sessions over two or three menstrual cycles, with the option to condense them quite closely together or spread them out depending on your preferred style of integrating information and change. During these sessions, we’ll discuss your diet, lifestyle, menstrual cycle and moon cycle awareness and anything else you want to. No subject is taboo.
  • We’ll provide you with information, tools and practices to support you as you make changes to aspects of your life and mentoring in areas such as your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, body issues, injuries or illness to help you to achieve your goals for your body, mind and spirit.
  • You’ll learn breathing and Meditation techniques, yogic tools, cleansing uterine meditation practices and ancient women’s health support practices while developing your unique toolkit of self-care techniques, enabling you to develop a deeper connection to your cycle and womb, so you can move through life more effectively with the natural ebbs and flows of your changing energy patterns.
  • Recordings of all our sessions together or details of suggested techniques and practices as appropriate will help you to recap on the various techniques at home.
  • Home practice videos or handouts will support you in integrating the practices into your daily life.
  • Advice on enhancing your womb health, developing your menstrual cycle and moon cycle awareness, using vaginal steaming, herbs and tonics and charting your cycles.
  • A workbook for charting your cycle, cycle charting graphs and dream mapping tools.
  • Loan of appropriate books, CDs and other resources.
  • Referral to other wellbeing practitioners if appropriate.

If you include womb healing Yoga in your programme, you’ll also receive:

  • Either six or twelve sessions of one to one Yoga tuition, each lasting 1 hour 15 minutes, to suit your unique needs and consisting of different styles of Yoga such as Well Woman (Womb) Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Somatic Movement and other supportive yogic tools including Yoga Nidra practices, Mudra, Mantra and Meditation.

Your Investment


Mentoring option

During the first week, you’ll receive an initial 2 hour consultation with an additional six weekly 1 hour mentoring sessions that can be taken over eight or twelve weeks.

You’ll also need to set time aside at home each week for reflection and to carry out self-discovery work and self-practice of the techniques you’ll be learning and commit to doing some inner work to look at blocks and issues that may arise from the work we’ll be doing together.

Yoga option

After your initial 2 hour consultation, you’ll receive Yoga tuition for 1 hour either weekly, or every other week or as per your selection, together with your weekly 1 hour mentoring sessions.

You’ll also need to set time aside at home each week for reflection and home practice to support you in embedding the practices and feeling the benefits as we work together to support your goals.


Mentoring option


Yoga option

6 one to one Yoga sessions: £849

12 one to one Yoga sessions: £1249

One to ones and bespoke as above.


Online via Skype

Free Consultation

Contact us to arrange a free 20-minute consultation to assess your needs and help you find the right treatment option for you.

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