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Birth Stories


So, I’ve been thinking about birth stories.

Often, it’s said that the way that we birth is trying to teach us something, whether you have birthed a child or whether you are birthing and creating projects in life.

I’ve been thinking about this more and more.

And, something came up for me this week, something about my birth, which was nine years ago now, the birth of my son.

And I think that I thought that the lesson I was supposed to learn about my birth was one thing. And it turns out that it was something else altogether. Something that has been trying to show itself to me in many different ways in my life. And, yeah, very interesting.

So, this week around my bleed when there’s always an unravelling that happens for me as if whatever has been processing through me finally just lets go. And I have a night when I’m in a half asleep, half awake state, and my body’s guiding me intuitively into offering support or tracking.

I was guided this week to support different parts of me with a hand. And also, guided into feeling into tissues and little knots in my fascia tissue. I was just following where my body was guiding me.

And in the offering of that support to myself what happened was a memory came up that had clearly been stored in my pelvis for a long time.

I’ve had various issues with my pelvis since birth, a bit of an SI joint issue, and not only did I relate all of this to my birth but also to a car accident that I had later on.

But what happened when I offered support was that there was suddenly a big unravelling of the myofascial tissue that had been caught up and my pelvis felt like it realigned around my xiphoid process as well, around my ribs. There was a softening and a little pop and more space available for breath because there is such a connection between the pelvic and the thoracic diaphragm.

And the memory that came to me was all about the support I’d been given in my labour.

I had three labours in a week with two different midwives, and a student. They were private midwives working together but what came out was that there was a moment in my labour where I felt really unsupported, and I started to lose it a bit. I was on the toilet in a dark place, the second time I’d gone into labour, feeling a bit like a failure really, feeling like my body didn’t know what to do, feeling like I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t doing good enough, which to be honest is probably the story of my life, again repeating itself.

If I look at my core wound, I’m not good enough, I don’t know how to do this. And so, that story was playing out for me again without me realising it, but in that moment what I really needed was support. And that’s something that I’ve lacked a lot of in my life, so I was craving support, and in that particular moment of deep need that support wasn’t there… but equally I’d taken myself away. I wasn’t able to ask for that support. I’d hidden away in my moment of need.

So, nine years on, the pieces are finally piecing together.

A theme in the work that I do is about building relationships, about building connections, about enabling women to get the support they need.

And so the questions that I’m pondering and offering out to you are:

What was the theme running through your birth story?

What’s the theme that runs through your creative story when you’re birthing something?

And how does it impact you?

How could you do things differently?

What is your body and your psyche calling for?

Where in your own life do you need more support?

  • Are you looking for some therapeutic support in your own healing journey?
  • Do you want and need to nurture and nourish yourself?
  • Would like to develop a home practice but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to take your practice deeper and develop both your practice and your knowledge through the somatic experience of the body?
  • Would you like to build a deeper connection to yourself and have fun working together to create practices that support your own ebbs and flows of energy and own unique needs?

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