Well Woman Vital Yoga

Nurturing Yoga for ALL Women at every stage of life

This nurturing and powerful practice adapts to your own individual needs as a woman, working with your monthly cycle or in the overall cycle of your life.

Classes are suitable for ALL WOMEN of all ages / stages of life.

Combining fluid Yoga sequences with deep Restorative Yoga to improve inner health and energy, the practice invites us to connect to the earth, water and air elements within us:

  • grounding poses to balance, calm and soothe us;
    watery fluid movement that connect us to our pelvis, hips, belly and wombspace;
  • breathing practices that connect us to our heart, awakening our inner
  • female energy (Shakti) for increased vitality, strength and deep inner healing.

This sensual feminine practice designed by women for women’s bodies promotes femininity, cycle awareness, deep inner connection and understanding of our own natural biorhythms.

  • Classes are heavily influenced by the seasons and the moon cycles and by my work as a Mizan Abdominal Massage Therapist.
  • Content is always creative and fun with a good balance between moving poses and Restorative Yoga, appropriate for the time of year.
  • Class content is driven by the needs of the women attending.
  • Therapeutic adaptations and options are given to suit the different stages of your monthly cycle, or your own personal needs (pregnancy, postnatal, perimenopausal, recovering from illness or injury etc).
  • Class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of eight attendees, giving you close one to one attention and a relaxed community feel.
  • We always end with at least 15 minutes for deep relaxation or Yoga Nidra practice.

“Thanks for the recommendation. Lara was brilliant last night. I was ready for my bed afterwards though and my thoughts on Yoga classes have now changed.” – Rachel F – Well Woman Vital Yoga client June 2015

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