Unearth the Wild Within

A one year seasonal course for all women of all ages

What is it for you to be a woman?

Following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, journey deep into yourself through Yoga, Somatic movement and ancient wisdom, honouring and aligning with the natural rhythms and cycles of the seasons, the moon and yourself and exploring your connection to nature and your true self and how this ripples through into your relationships with others.

Unearth the wise and wild spirit that resides in all of us, that innate knowing that requires no other guru but ourselves, the Earth and the natural cyclical wisdom we have around us.

“My calling to complete the [Unearth The Wild Within] course at came exactly the right time – little did I know what challenges lay ahead in 2019 and how invaluable the support and strength of our amazing group would be.”

Why join me on this journey?

I’m Lara Heppell and this course is the coming together of all the work I’ve been doing over the last four or five years with Yoga teachers Angela Farmer and Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Somatic Movement, Experiential Anatomy and Authentic Movement teachers Fabiano Cularo, Andrea Olsen and Karen Mchose, my Shamanic Womb Wisdom teacher Joanna Joy and also my Meditation teacher Zeenat Cameron, as well as my own personal explorations and teachings gleaned from my many amazing students.

I’ve run Celtic Wheel seasonal workshops for a while, but it’s been a dream of mine to provide a safe, open and welcoming space for women to find connection and solitude as they create a strong circle that can grow and evolve over a year as we journey together through a full sun cycle.

And now is the right time for me to take these sessions outside, adding different elements to them and providing time and space for sharing, moving, exploring, learning, creating and deep reflection.

We’re looking into the possibility of expanding Unearth The Wild Within programme to online.

If this is something you’d be interested in, sign up to my mail list to get priority news of when these programmes launch.

“We would all arrive at our circle, a little frazzled, broken, despondent – all in desperate need to share, express ourselves and gather our inner strength. Your wise, well researched insights helped to curate that space.”

Your year long adventure and exploration into body and earth…

We’ll meet for nine full day sessions throughout the year.

Each session runs from 10am until 5pm and will be held at the amazing Harewood Holistics on the Harewood House Estate near Leeds.

Each unique session will include:

  • A sharing circle
  • Yoga/Restorative Yoga, Somatic/authentic/free movement and
  • Meditation explorations, inside or outside
  • A lunch that we’ll each bring to share
  • Seasonal wisdom and practices
  • Sometimes crafting or creating activities
  • Time for reflection, feedback and questions
  • Course materials and handouts

All women of all ages/ stages of life are welcomed; babes in arms are most welcomed too.


The cost of this year-long programme is £580 if paying by instalments or £550 if you pay in full.

Paying by instalments will require a non-refundable £100 deposit, due immediately to secure your place followed by 12 monthly payments of £40 to be paid on the 15th of each month (you will need to set the direct debit up for this yourself to bank details above).

“[It was] a space for us all to breath a little deeper, delve a little deeper and learn so much on the way. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and wisdom over the past year. I will always be eternally grateful to you and our circle of wonderful, brave, strong women.”

Th sessions

(Sping Equinox Gathering)

  • Introduction to the course – nature’s seasons, cycles and cyclical wisdom
  • Focus on building energy and vitality
  • Focus on reconnection to the Earth – grounding, nurturing and healing from the inside out
  • Movement play outside – using nature’s tools
  • Working with thresholds as we enter Spring
  • Connecting with nature and developing presence
  • Spreading your intentions into the wider field

(Beltane Gathering)

  • Focus on deep listening and getting things moving
  • Letting movement unfold and tell a story – what is needed now
  • Gathering ideas, plotting and planning – where is the resistance?
  • Focus on inner knowing and intuition
  • Blending with drive, motivation and will
  • Finding a balance between action, receiving and noticing when you’re pushing
  • Connecting with your primal spirit
  • Finding your own healing medicine through movement and nature’s offerings

Rise Up
(Summer Solstice Gathering)

  • Focus on being in your power
  • Connecting to your own inner fire, power and confidence
  • Exploring your edges
  • Time to be in a relationship with yourself, each other and nature
  • Seeing what feels right for each of us
  • Boundaries and honesty – self honouring
  • Body and Earth – elemental exploration of separation and integration
  • Coming back to wholeness

(Lammas Gathering)

  • Exploring fluid movement outside – being in flow
  • Our Body and Earth relationship with water
  • Learning to go with the flow of life
  • Finding ways to get closer to nature
  • Reflection, gratitude and offerings

(Autumn Equinox Gathering)

  • Exploring ways to release safely through movement and embodiment tools
  • Containment, boundaries and safety for the body
  • Sitting with discomfort – working with transitions
  • Letting go and the art of surrender and rest
  • Cutting ties and finding ways to release

Shadows, Stories and Inner Realms
(Samhain Gathering)

  • Facing your shadow
  • Movement – slowing things down, coming back to ground
  • Inner body work
  • Exploring your stories and ancestral heritage
  • Honouring womb wisdom
  • Cleansing, healing and protection
  • Reclaiming the dark

(Winter Solstice Gathering)

  • Restorative movement practices – the art of stillness
  • Coming back home
  • Silence and stillness
  • Reflection and rest
  • Integration time
  • Dream time

(Imbolc Gathering)

  • Sharing stories
  • Movement explorations – self enquiry, self nurture and nourishment
  • Planting intentions ahead of Spring Equinox
  • Being in nature – deepening your awareness
  • Creating sacred space

Love and Honour
(Spring Equinox Gathering)

  • Movement celebration – consolidation, finding joy and pleasure in movement
  • Review our year together
  • Celebration of nature within and without
  • Honouring yourself and each other
  • Sap rising again, setting intentions as you cross the threshold into a new life
  • Rebirth and growth
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