Unearth the Wild Within – A Review


Each year we offer a bursary place for Unearth the Wild Within, our year long  programme in which you journey deep into yourself through Yoga, Somatic movement and ancient wisdom, aligning with the natural rhythms and cycles of the seasons, the moon and yourself, unearthing the wise and wild spirit that resides in all of us and exploring your connection to nature and your true self and how this ripples through into your relationships with others.

A review of Unearth the Wild Within from 2019’s Bursary Winner

I was lucky enough to win the 2019 bursary place on Lara’s Unearth The Wild Within 2019 course, and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Lara created the most beautiful, calm and nurturing space for the course across the year, based up next to Otley Chevin, a relaxing and safe space in which we could totally be ourselves.

A group of us came together as women at different stages of our lives, and we bonded quickly as we shared our stories, our journeys, dreams, worries and sometimes tears. We could leave stresses and strains at the door and give ourselves time to just be.

Lara possesses such incredible knowledge and wisdom about what it is to be a woman in mind, body and spirit, and generously crafted glorious day-long sessions that truly fed the soul. Each day was different and built around the themes of the seasons and the Celtic Wheel Of The Year.

Each time we met, we spent time indoors in a lovely relaxed setting at the gorgeous Cheerful Chilli Barn and outdoors observing the changing environment and getting close to nature. Lara incorporated meditation, yoga, movement, creativity, rest, relaxation, reflection and also some elements of challenge to gently push us out of our comfort zones.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

At the time of applying, I wasn’t in paid work and was emerging from an intense period of mothering a little one, and also grief for the passing of my father and other losses in the family. I had a breakdown at the start of 2019, and was beginning to slowly return to health as the course began. Unearth The Wild Within helped me on my road to recovery, and I honestly believe that it helped change my life, in so many ways.

Every time our circle of women met I felt that I was able to truly be myself, my real authentic self however I showed up on the day – sometimes wobbly, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and more often than not just excited to be there!

I learnt to accept my mental health challenges more and my grief, and to be more OK with life feeling messy and sad sometimes, and feel that all of it was OK. My self-confidence increased. I embraced my creativity again. I was able to be brave, take risks, be opened up, have the honour of listening to my Unearth The Wild Within sisters and be listened to, be nurtured, hugged, fed (literally and metaphorically!), inspired and loved.

And all of this came about because I took a chance and applied for the bursary. So what are you waiting for?

Journal Entries from the year

During Unearth the Wild Within, our bursary winner for 2019 kept a journal and she has kindly agreed to share some extracts with you.

It is truly beautiful.

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