Spring Revival


Spring Equinox arrived on the 20th March and at this time of year the power of the sun is increasing, the days are lengthening and the nights are shortening.

“Spring Equinox is celebrated as the first day of Spring, when day and night are equal in both hemispheres. All of nature is stirring now and showing signs of activity after the Winter sleep. Buds are bursting on the trees, Spring flowers are coming out and seeds are germinating.

We begin to feel empowered at this time to reach out for what we want and to take risks, strike out on our own, go for walks and connect to the Earth again”

From a personal perspective we can choose to use the potential and fertility of this time to create opportunities for positive change in our lives and in the world. Reawakening our bodies and minds, becoming more outward focused and more alive planting seeds for change that can grow throughout the year.

This time of year is a celebration of balance and union between the Light and Dark cycles of the year, between the Sun and the Moon, between Yang and Yin, Fire and Water. From this dynamic joining of opposites comes new life, transformation and manifestation.

From here to the Midsummer Solstice, the days will lengthen as the Sun returns, bring increasing strength and warmth, and the nights will shorten. This is the beginning of the growing period, the season of manifestation. It is a time for unions of all kinds, for fertility and birth. Out of Union comes new life. This is the natural alchemy of Union inherent in all life on Earth at this time.

Here at the Spring Equinox and as we move into the fertile period of Easter and the goddess Eostre, the alchemy lies in the transference of energy from the inside to the outside, from Spirit into Matter.

What is within can now be channeled to flow towards manifestation.

Across the wheel at the Autumn Equinox the alchemy lies in the transference of energy from Matter into Spirit, taking the essence of what we have manifested back inside for assimilation and inner understanding.

This delightful balance of our inner and outer worlds flows through our lives at each Equinox helping us to be aware of the natural movement and direction of the cycles that guide us through life.

The alchemy of the Spring Equinox represents the joining of opposite forces to create a blending of energy that is alive, potent and expansive.

We can use this time for balance, and for bringing together what you wish to unite. Whatever we bring your thoughts to will grow- love, wishes, intentions, visions, hopes and dreams. Whatever we give energy to will grow, we can choose in Springtime to consciously give life to the seeds we have been nurturing through the winter and early spring time.

Yoga is Union

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, its root is the verb yuj meaning “to yoke” or “to unite”. Yoga is often translated as “union”, as in a marriage. This union or marriage between complementary opposite helps us to find balance in our lives. Here are some complementary opposites that yoga unites:

  • Sun and moon energy
  • Yin and yang
  • Water and fire
  • Body and mind
  • Breath and body
  • Heart and mind
  • Body and soul
  • Stihra and sukha (effort and relaxation)
  • Spirit and matter
  • Purusha and Prakrti
  • Action and contemplation
  • Activity and rest
  • Alertness and relaxation
  • Waxing and waning
  • In breath and out breath
  • Individual and universal
  • Heaven and earth

Here are a few nice meditation questions that work well at this time of the year.

What wisdom am I bringing with me from the dark of winter?

Who am I becoming?

What am I awakening in myself?

What do I wish to grow more of in my life? (What do I welcome in to my life?)

What do I want to encourage, give my attention to, so that it has the best chance of manifestation? (What projects or plans am I giving birth to?).

What do I need to let go of, clutter clear, or spring clean to create a space for realising my dreams?

Why this time is special

“Historically at this time the fertile Earth goddess Eostre was honoured and Spring was celebrated as a time of new life and gestation. Dragon processions took place to celebrate the emerging active energy of the earth and eggs were used as potent symbols of new life and rebirth.”

Looking at this time from a menstrual cycle perspective this is the time after our period when we start to emerge out of ourselves again before we ovulate; it is the time of the maiden within us to rise up and start to have some fun.

“Free like a flight of butterflies she runs on the wings of the wind. Light as dandelion seeds, she spins until she falls to her knees, arms outstretched to the sky.

She smells daisies and sugar, as she calls to me with her crystal clear voice.

She sings softly to herself when the moon is a thin crescent, a bright silver bow in the night sky.

She dances around me, graceful as a feather, dynamic as an arrow that strikes straight to the heart and rekindles my hopes.

Then she takes me by the hand, and together we turn and turn into a whirlwind of enthusiasm and vitality.

Her hair is the black of obsidian and her dress is white like the wings of a dove: she is young light reborn from the darkness. She is the maiden inside me.”

Taken from Miranda Gray’s A sacred time for women calendar.

More info on goddesses http://www.goddessandgreenman.co.uk/ostara

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