Fertility Boost

Six Weeks to Beautifully Enhanced Fertility

Have you just got your date for IVF through? Have you started thinking about a baby and want to boost your fertility? Have you been trying for a while, but things aren’t happening as fast as you’d like?

Then our 6 week pre-conception support programme, Fertility Boost, may be the support programme you need. It follows a one month protocol, working around your cycle while you actively try to conceive.

The first two weeks are very intensive with Womb Massage and Yoga going deep to balance energies in your womb, increase blood flow and awareness into your womb and heart and realign your uterus in preparation for creating life.

This programme also has an online option: Fertility Focus Programme

For You if…

  • You’re looking for holistic, natural ways to get a fertility boost to help you on your journey to conception.
  • You’re keen to enhance your fertility and womb health while you’re actively trying to conceive.
  • You’d like to embed Yoga practices and other fertility enhancing tools into your life to support the fertility of your womb for conception.
  • You’ve been trying for a baby for a while and would like to connect with yourself and build a better relationship with your womb.
  • You want to support your IVF programme, making sure your inner landscape is as fertile as possible.
  • You want to optimise your fertility before a natural pregnancy.
  • Stress and anxiety is affecting your fertility and you want to work on this to improve your chances of conception.
  • Even though you don’t want a baby right now, you want to optimise your fertility and boost your sex drive.

Brilliant for…

  • Women who are ready to make real changes in their lives to support their fertility and overall wellbeing.
  • Women who are ready to try a different, more holistic person-centred approach to fertile health.
  • Women who feel they are ready for change as they know that what they’re doing right now isn’t supporting their health.
  • Women who are ready to nurture and nourish themselves more.
  • Women who want more self-compassion, love and kindness in their lives.
  • Women who are quite self-motivated, but need guidance to kick start them into action to improve their fertility.

What’s included

  • An initial 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your fertility journey so far and make sure we can work well together.
  • An in-depth 2 hour 30 minute consultation where we explore your fertility story, discuss your physical or emotional issues, your wants and your needs followed by your first Mizan Abdominal and Womb Massage treatment to balance the energies of your womb in preparation for creating life.
  • A total of four 1 hour 15 minute Mizan Abdominal Massage treatments scheduled in the first two weeks after your period and prior to ovulation, with three of these sessions being accompanied by womb friendly Well Woman Yoga Therapy to enhance womb health and revitalise your body and mind.
  • Six weekly Womb Yoga sessions, in conjunction with Mizan treatments initially. During the first session, we’ll also look at body holding, movement patterns, breathing, stress and anxiety.
  • An introduction to menstrual cycle charting, so you can be more aware of your natural biorhythm changes in energy throughout the month and how best to support your needs with Yoga and Mizan.
  • A toolkit of practices to support you both during your monthly cycle and the seasonal changes throughout the year.
  • Coaching to work together through the five steps to make sure you are tending your ‘inner garden’.
  • A programme of self-care and Yoga practices for you to practice at home.
  • Recordings of our one to one sessions together.
  • Handouts, links to resources, Yoga Nidra and therapeutic sequences for you to practice and reflect upon at home.
  • Affirmations and visualisations for your own Meditation and Mindfulness practice.
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice.
  • If necessary, referral to other experienced holistic practitioners, such as acupuncturists, homeopaths and psychotherapists.

Your Investment


You will need to dedicate around 5 hours each week to appointments with us during the first four weeks of the programme and then 1 hour 15 minutes each week for the final two weeks.

You’ll also need to set aside plenty of time at home for rest and reflection and around 1 to 2 hours per week to carry out self-care and Yoga practices, journaling and to chart your cycles.



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