Spend seven days in harmony with nature at our blissful, beautiful, wild and authentic mountain Yoga retreat in the heart of Portugal.

When did you last take time out just for you? To listen to your body? To nurture yourself? To be the woman you are meant to be?

If you truly want to unplug, reconnect and get away from it all, then this is the retreat is for you. Join us for a week of self -discovery living in harmony with nature at our blissful mountain retreat in the heart of Portugal.

This is your chance to relax, let go, find some space and ease in which to reignite your passions, reconnect to nature and to the wild woman within. Embrace your femininity and nourish your body and soul.

What to expect

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day with a sweet to follow. Sweets range from raw chocolate to healthy homemade raw cakes
  • Two allwoman Yoga classes a day (active & restorative )
  • Psoas exploration in Yoga class and in the pool
  • Deep relaxation and meditation
  • Time to explore your inner body, cycle and rhythms
  • Discover how the seasons and moon cycles affect us
  • Learn how to improve your health & energy at all stages of life
  • Full moon bathing & rituals
  • River swimming trip & picnic
  • Opportunity to try climbing
  • Try something new! You can learn a new skill making some delish raw chocolate or some beautiful soaps or incense all made with our natural ingredients.
  • End of week party
  • Connect to other women
  • Leave relaxed, grounded, energised & reconnected
  • Women of all ages invited

More details about the Yoga

Have you ever wanted to really shake things up, experience Yoga and yourself in a completely different way, push your boundaries, and at the same time rediscover your joy?

That’s what this Retreat is all about. It is a step into the unknown, a liberation, letting go of our pre-conceptions, and experimenting. We will be introducing you to a more feminine style of Yoga designed by women for women’s bodies. A practice that builds inner energy and vitality that allows us to connect deeply with and be true to ourselves, to our desires and of course we will be indulging in a Yoga practice that supports us as we tap into and unleash our Shakti (our feminine energy)!

This Retreat is open to all women of any age or life stage, including pregnant women. There is a very spacious beautiful newly built Yoga studio for us to practice in and fantastic food. The morning practice will be a flowing feminine Yoga practice followed by a gentler Restorative practice in the afternoon, workshop based with plenty of time for exploration, questions and relaxation.

The practices themselves encourage sensitive, open, honest and generous self-enquiry through varied movement explorations, bringing us out of our heads and into our bodies.  We will support you in discovering your own true ideas and desires as they unfold.

The Yoga practice invites us to connect to the earth, water and air elements within us; connections we need to replenish our energy, drained by the giving we do as mothers, lovers, carers, in our work etc.

We will be exploring:

  • Grounding poses and Mudra (gesture) to balance, calm and soothe us
  • Watery fluid movements that connect us to our pelvis, hips, belly and wombspace
  • Breathing practices (Pranayama) that balance, calm and ground us. Also practices that connect us to our heart, awakening our inner female energy (Shakti) for increased vitality, strength and deep inner healing.

Free Consultation

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Allwoman Programme

The Yoga practices will also include:

  • Pelvis and pelvic floor awareness (Bandha)
  • Deep relaxation in the form of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, varied Meditation practices & Sound
  • Creative and fun content with a balance between moving poses and Restorative Yoga
  • Seasonal (Spring) and moon cycle (full moon) influenced Yoga practices – designed by women for women’s bodies
  • Information on Yoga practices that are designed to support us throughout our individual monthly cycle and through the yearly seasonal cycle of change
  • Therapeutic adaptations and options to suit the different stages of your monthly cycle, or your own personal needs e.g. pregnancy, postnatal, perimenopausal, PMS issues, women’s health issues such as endometriosis, or for women recovering from illness or injury. It’s not a one size fits all!
  • Lots of psoas exploration (muscle of the soul) in class and in the swimming pool!

The Retreat takes place around the full moon, a good time to release anything that is no longer serving you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. The Yoga practices have been designed to help us soften into our bodies and release and let go at a physical level and we will also be doing a number of full moon related rituals and activities that will include chanting and dancing and other optional activities that will encourage us to shake out, shake off and let go of the old to create space in our body and mind to draw in something new.

Join us lovely women as we gather together to let go, have fun and embrace our curves!


Each day will consist of two main classes:

  • The morning class are devoted to Well Woman Vital Yoga, a fluid rhythmic asana practice followed by a long deep relaxation to set us up for the day.
  • The afternoon practice consists of a more workshop-based gentle Restorative Yoga session, which will include Meditation focus and / or a Yoga Nidra practice. There will be lots of room in these sessions for conversation, reflection and time to answer any questions.

The combination of the two daily classes will leave us grounded in our bodies, calm in our minds and full of energy.

Example daily Timetable:

  • 8.00 – Morning Fluid Feminine Well Woman Yoga practice
  • 10.30 – Breakfast
  • Free time
  • 14.00 – Lunch
  • Free time
  • 17.45 – 19.00 – Workshop style session with time for Q&A reflecting on the day’s Yoga. Followed by gentle evening Restorative Yoga / Yoga Nidra
  • Your time to relax and prepare yourself for dinner
  • 20.00 – Dinner – Relax enjoy the stars, dance, play games or rest

Daily Optional activities, timetable confirmed on arrival…we all need some surprises!:

  • Open invitation to indulge in some full moon bathing and full moon rituals
  • Psoas pool party
  • Wild swimming and picnic at River Zezere
  • Kirtan / chanting after dinner
  • Climbing (Can be arranged on request)
  • Friday farewell party

Location Details

Our allwoman Retreat is being held at an established and very loved beautiful retreat centre set in six hectares of a traditional Portuguese rural estate in the gorgeous countryside of central Portugal.  The retreat centre was founded by my friends and fellow Yogi’s Peter & Sue back in 2008. Pictures of the retreat itself, bedrooms and the local area can be accessed here. It is truly beautiful.

All the amazing food, Yoga teaching and accommodation is included in the retreat price. Additional services such as massage, or individual one to one Yoga sessions do cost extra.

Getting There

Flights need to be booked by you into either Lisbon or Porto. There is a coach which can be booked to take you to Oleiros from either arrival destination and you will be met there for the final transfer to the retreat space itself. Or alternatively car hire may be the right option for you.

Arrival is Saturday evening. Leaving is the following Saturday morning at 8am.

For full information on how to travel to the retreat from either Lisbon or Porto click here. Or check us out on Retreat Place.

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