Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (Payment Plan)




We have developed our mum focused 75 hour Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course for Yoga teachers, midwives, fitness professionals, NCT teachers, childbirth educators, physiotherapists, chiropractors and healthcare professionals who would like to support the postnatal women they work with through Postnatal yoga.

For more information on the full course content, see the main Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course page.

There is a 6 month time limit for course completion (with full Tutor support) and lifetime access to the materials.

Payment Plan

If you proceed you will be given the option to pay by payment plan as follows:

  • Sign up fee: £39.00
  • 1st payment £65.06(Monthly subscription payments begin straightaway making the sign up fee and 1st initial payment a total of £104.06)
  • 2nd Payment: 65.06
  • 3rd Payment: 65.06
  • 4th payment 65.06

Total: 281.24

Shortly after your payment, you will receive an email containing your account login details, and you will receive immediate course access.If you proceed you will be taken to the checkout where you can pay the course amount in full.

After your payments are complete, your course access will be unaffected.