Prenatal Mother Nurture Programme

Glow as you grow with this gorgeous empowering, nurturing and nourishing programme of Pregnancy yoga

This empowering, nurturing and nourishing 6 week or 12 week programme of Pregnancy Yoga will get you birth ready.

You wouldn’t run a marathon without physically and mentally training first – and giving birth is much the same. The more you prepare, the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel. And the more relaxed you are, the easier your birth is likely to be.

Our Prenatal Mother Nurture Programme combines years of Pregnancy Yoga experience with Doula skills to provide you with a tried and tested toolkit of practices that you can use throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth to ensure you’re physically and mentally prepared.

During this programme, you’ll focus on the power of the breath and learn affirmations, visualisations, meditation and mindfulness techniques. By exploring the earth and support, you’ll find ways to ground yourself and you’ll enhance your emotional balance using the breath, Mudra, Mantra and sound. Using movement and breathing techniques, you’ll develop ways to relax and learn movements and positions to support you during labour and birth.

For You if…

  • You need time to reconnect with yourself and start to prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby.
  • Group classes aren’t your thing or this is baby number two and getting out of the house is hard, so an online programme suits you better.
  • You prefer to learn one to one and want to enhance your confidence, calm your fears and connect deeply to your body and baby in preparation for birth.
  • You want to confidently manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and beyond into labour, birth and motherhood.
  • You’re feeling scared, want to engage more fully with your pregnancy and would love one to one support from an experienced pregnancy teacher and Doula.
  • You’re feeling anxious and need space to air your hopes and fears.

Brilliant for…

  • Women from the second trimester of their pregnancy and onwards.

What’s included

  • An initial 1 hour 30 minute consultation to discuss your current health and wellbeing, your background and pregnancy journey so far, as well as your hopes and fears. We’ll also identify your health and wellbeing goals and start to put together your individual programme.
  • Weekly 1 hour one to one sessions when we’ll talk, move and blend a variety of Pregnancy, Well Woman and Restorative Yoga practices and tools to best suit your unique pregnancy needs. From 2017, these sessions will also include hypnotherapy. During your one to one sessions, we’ll talk you through simple practices, including physical poses, meditations and visualisations aimed at helping you to create a deep connection inside to you and your baby. We will work to cultivate Bhavna or feeling tone to enhance your self-awareness, inviting you to move freely with the breath to bring peace, create space, balance and develop tone in your body.
  • Handouts and links to useful information for you to use at home.
  • Affirmations, meditations and Yoga Nidra practices.
  • Recordings of our sessions together and/or details of poses so you can practice the techniques at home.
  • Home practice videos of sequences and/or handouts to support you in integrating the practices into your daily life.
  • Referral to other wellbeing practitioners if appropriate

Your Investment


During the first week, you’ll receive an initial 1 hour 30 minute consultation with weekly 1 hour calls for the rest of your programme, with the exception of our last session together, which will also be for 1 hour 30 minutes.

You’ll also need to commit to doing some inner work to look at blocks and issues that may arise from the work we’ll be doing together and set aside time at home each week for reflection and to carry out self-discovery work and self-practice of the techniques you’ll be learning.


6 week programme: £599

12 week programme: £1099

See our fees page.


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