Fertility Focus Programme

Connecting You to Your Fabulous Fertile Self

This personalised, nurturing and focused pre-conception support programme is available as a 6 week or 12 week programme, which will really bring your focus inside, to your body, your mind and your inner womb life.

We’ll work together to optimise the fertility of your womb for conception and help you to create the perfect environment for baby/conception using a conscious natural approach.

Both the 6 week and 12 week programmes follow a similar schedule. Together, we’ll work through a complete menstrual cycle and beyond, but during the 6 week programme the timeframe is shorter, making the work more condensed as we have lots to cover in a shorter time. Choosing the 12 week option will give you more time to consolidate what you learn and go deeper into practices and into yourself.

You’ll focus on preparing your ‘inner garden’. In the same way that you wouldn’t toss seeds into a flowerbed without weeding or preparing the soil first, we’ll help you to prepare a fertile environment for your egg.

For optimal results, you should stop actively trying to conceive during the programme. However, if that’s not an option for you, we can amend some aspects of the programme, so it’s important you let us know before we start working together.

You may also be interested in our 12 week Blossom Within Fertility Journey and 6 week Fertility Boost, which are based in Leeds.

For You if…

  • You want to focus on you, your body and your mind and be fully supported while you optimise the health and fertility of your womb ready for conception.
  • You’re looking to embed new Yoga practices and fertility enhancing tools into your life.
  • You’ve been trying for a baby for a while and you’d like to develop an understanding of how to support your womb health and build a better relationship with your womb.
  • The medical approach didn’t work, so you’re ready to try a different way.
  • You want to optimise your fertility before IVF or natural conception.
  • You want to manage your stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and improve your chances of conception.
  • Things aren’t happening, so you want to focus on changes you can make to improve your womb health and fertility and reconnect to you and the reasons you wanted to get pregnant in the first place.
  • You don’t want a baby right now, but you want to optimise your fertility and boost your sex drive and you’re keen to know how to chart your cycle and better understand your body for when that time comes.

Brilliant for…

  • Women who are ready to commit to making real changes in their lives to support their fertility and wellbeing.
  • Women who want a different approach than the traditional medical model.
  • Women who want to be taken by the hand and guided through a journey of self-discovery, looking at all aspects of their health and wellbeing from diet to lifestyle and everything in between.
  • Women wanting to explore therapeutic and practical techniques they can use in their everyday lives to promote deeper self-connection and understanding.
  • Women who are ready for more self-compassion, love and kindness in their lives.

What’s included

  • Full ongoing support to optimise your fertility and deepen your connection to yourself and your womb health.
  • An initial 20 minute phone consultation to make sure this is the right programme for you and that we’ll work well together.
  • An in-depth 1 hour 30 minute Skype consultation where we’ll delve into your fertility story, discuss your physical or emotional issues, your wants and your needs. We’ll also discuss your current relationship to your menstrual cycle and introduce the concept of menstrual cycle awareness, helping you to develop a deeper connection to the ebbs and flows of your energy during the month and optimise your fertility.
  • Weekly nourishing Womb Yoga sessions via Skype lasting 1 hour 15 minutes, which will include simple womb focused meditations, balancing breathing practices and visualisations, as well as a combination of Yoga Nidra, Well Woman Yoga Therapy and Restorative Yoga practices to aid connection, circulation and flow into your pelvic area, bringing awareness to your heart and connection with your uterus.
  • A 45 minute telephone session two weeks after the end of the programme to help you to transition the practices you’ve learned during the programme into your life.
  • An introduction to the concept of menstrual cycle charting to develop your awareness of your natural biorhythms, changes in your energy throughout the month and how best to support your needs with Yoga and self-care practices at home.
  • A toolkit of self-care and Yoga practices to support you both during your monthly cycle and the seasonal changes throughout the year.
  • Coaching to work together through the five steps to make sure you are tending your ‘inner garden’.
  • Recordings of our one to one sessions together for reflection and review.
  • Videos and other resources to promote your own research and self-reflection.
  • Affirmations and visualisations for your own Meditation and Mindfulness practice.
  • Supportive herbs and womb health advice, such as steaming, castor oil packs and belly binds.
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice to support your fertility and womb health.
  • If necessary, referral to other experienced holistic practitioners, such as acupuncturists, homeopaths and psychotherapists.

Your Investment


You’ll need to set aside around 1 hour 30 minutes for our initial consultation and then 1 hour 15 minutes each week for our Skype one to one sessions. You’ll also have one 45 minute follow up session at the end of the programme to catch up and reflect on how things are going since the programme finished and you started to go it alone.

As well as taking plenty of rest, you’ll also need to spend 1 to 2 hours each week at home carrying out self-care and Yoga practices, charting your cycles, reflecting and journaling.


6 week programme: £549

12 week programme: £999

See our fees page.


Online via Skype

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