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Birthing Preparation Workshop

Workshops of up to ten couples on following dates:

Saturday 8th July
Saturday 2nd September
Saturday 25th November


£55 early bird offer per couple, then £70 thereafter.

Held at at Yoga Kula, Leeds. Contact me to make a booking.


“Preparation gives birth to self confidence.” – Denise Harman

Our fabulous Birth Preparation workshop has been lovingly designed to help women and their birth partners / supporters prepare for the amazing experience of birth.

In this session we’ll be exploring techniques that can support you as you move through the different stages of labour. The workshop will provide you with a toolkit of information and practices that you can pick and choose from as you journey through your personal birth experience.

For details on what to expect go to Birth Preparation page.

“Many thanks for the brilliant birth prep class a few days before giving birth. The breathing and affirmations really helped to keep me going (especially taking a pause and imagining breathing out in a spiral/ corkscrew). I also had the confidence to fight for the birth I wanted despite being told I wasn’t allowed a pool when I arrived at the hospital. I dug my heels in and got wireless monitoring in the tub. Good luck to everyone else awaiting their babies… and keep spinning that golden thread when the time comes!” – Clare Keane

“Before we attended Lara’s Birth Preparation Workshop my partner and I were little prepared for birthing and lacking in confidence. During the workshop we learned many varied techniques that involved movement, breathing and sound that could be used during labour. Lara demonstrated how to use a Rebozo to aid surges and got our partners involved, showing them ways to support us. Lara recommended books, CDs, oils and other remedies that could be used to ease the birth process and best of all showed us how to raise oxytocin levels in creating a warm, loving environment to do the workshop in. My partner and I left feeling reassured and very positive about how to manage all situations that could occur in birthing. Following the workshop she sent us lots of very helpful information and examples of Birth Preferences/Plans that we could adapt. Thank you Lara for a positive, helpful and engaging workshop!” – Kerry Leeds

In addition, we will shortly be offering Hypnoyoga for Birth workshops and intergrating Hypnotherapy techniques into some new Birth Preparation workshops that cover active movement & birthing techniques, breathing techniques, hypnotherapeutic relaxation practices and much more.

These workshops are also offered as specialised one to one services for couples where the content can be tailored to your own unique needs, including the supporting Hynotherapy. Not a one size fits all.

I will be running an introductory Hypnoyoga for Birth Workshop at Yoga Kula Leeds from July 2017, dates are being finalised.

This workshop will combine Pregnancy Yoga techniques with Restorative Yoga and Hypnotherapy techniques. So you get to move to ease tension, then rest in your own pillow paradise before floating off into your own private breathing space for a meditative rest.

We will finish with a long deep relaxation that will blend hypnotherapeutic and Yoga Nidra techniques for deep release, relaxation and rest. All attendees will receive a copy of the relaxation to listen to at home to aid relaxation in the build up to the birth.

Other Yoga workshops on offer

  • A Psoas Workshop is planned for Saturday 19th August, timings and costs being finalised.
  • I am also hoping to offer a therapeutic stress busting Vagus nerve workshop too, dates being finalised.

Seasonal Workshop dates for 2017

  • Spring Equinox – Sunday 26th March 2017
  • Beltane – Sunday 7th May 2017
  • Summer Solstice – Sunday 18th June 2017
  • Lammas harvest time – Sunday 30th July 2017
  • Samhain – Friday 3rd November 2017
  • Winter Solstice – Sunday 17th December 2017

More information on all of these workshop can be found on the Seasonal Workshops page

WELL WOMAN COURSE – New 2017 dates are being finalised and will be shared soon



Read about what one of last course attendees thought about her experiences here. Three women who had been trying for a while to get Pregnant did on our last course.

 “Sharing experiences with a circle of women. It’s been life changing and I’ve absolutely loved every minute. Everyone should do this course. It should be on the national curriculum. I’ll try to share what I’ve learnt with other women and hope to keep in touch with all the other yogini’s.”-Laura

“The atmosphere and the feeling like I’m with family.” -Malgorzata

“Realising the power of what we can harness instead of dreading and hating menstruation and learning about goddesses” -Millie

“Connecting with other women, connecting with my womb and what I can do at different times during my cycle. Finding out I am not alone in my emotional ups and downs.”Adele

 “Getting back to being a well woman and not a zombie! Your course has helped me do this and has had a huge impact on me and I can’t thank you enough. It should be on the national curriculum! I wish I’d been able to attend 20 years ago and saved myself a lot of misery.  Mum’s send your daughters! ” – Andrea M

What is it?

We often make resolutions and goals that never come to fruition because they are made from the perspective of pushing or force… exercise more, east less, push harder, go faster.
This course offers something different – a new perspective, a chance to really connect inside, to understand the fluctuations that occur through your own cycle – whether that is a cycle that involves menstruation or not.
Womanhood is an amazing journey. But at times we can all lose our way. Busy, stressful lives, negative thoughts, too much doing and not enough being leaves us disconnected from who we really are and the incredible combination of softness and strength we have inside us.
Our Well Woman Cycle Awareness Course gets us on the right path and back in balance through Yoga, Meditation, Abdominal Massage, increased self-awareness and improved self-care.

What this course will provide:

  • A deepened awareness of what it is to work with the natural energy of your menstrual cycle, rather then against it
  • A better understanding of how your energy ebbs and flows monthly, how you are impacted by seasonal change, moon cycles, times of transition such as perimenopause and menopause and how we can support ourselves at these times
  • A better understanding of how your Yoga practice can be adapted during the month to accommodate your varying needs
  • A better understanding of what we need as individuals in 2017 to feel more balanced hormonally to support our overall health and wellbeing to maximise inner vitality and fertility.
  • The practices will be tailored to the needs of the women who attend the workshop and where they are in their own journey through womanhood. For example, perimenopausal, menopausal, suffering with PMT or not experiencing a menstrual cycle.
  • Time for Yoga, chat, reflection and sharing with a lovely group of women.

What the course will cover:

Week one – A general introduction to the concept of Well Woman Yoga and how this sensual feminine practice designed by women for women’s bodies promotes femininity, cycle awareness, deep inner connection and understanding of our own natural biorhythms.

How we feel about our own cycle, any blocks we have and talking about how we can use Well Woman Yoga to support us at different stages of each month and throughout our lives.
Week two  – Overview of the monthly cycle and practices appropriate for each stage. Starting with Spring. We will be exploring Yoga, breathing and Meditation practices that support this time in our cycle

Week three – Summer. We will be exploring Yoga, breathing and Meditation practices that support this time in our cycle.

Week four – Autumn. We will be exploring Yoga, breathing and Meditation practices that support this time in our cycle.

Week five – Winter. We will be exploring Yoga, breathing and Meditation practices that support this time in our cycle.

Week six – Consolidation- Reviewing what we have learned. Coming together to enjoy a complete supportive Well Woman practice that combines elements from all the seasons. Looking at how we can support the body and mind at difficult times / times of transition.

Each session combines fluid Yoga sequences with deep Restorative Yoga and at least 15 minutes of deep relaxation or Yoga Nidra practice. Mizan Abdominal Massage techniques are also demonstrated.


Tools to chart your own cycle (if applicable) and deepen awareness of it
Handouts and useful resources to help you develop a self-practice as we work through the various seasons and the final consolidation practice.
Access to a discussion group on Facebook for any queries that arise during the course.
Useful resources about how to practice Yoga safely as a woman, contraindications such as when using a coil, when inversions are appropriate etc.


Improved cycle and self-awareness can enhance every part of our lives.

  • Enhancing health and wellbeing, energy and vitality
  • Enhancing relationships with yourself and others
  • Improving fertility and womb connection
  • A better understanding of the impact of hormones on the body and understanding ways to manage, ease and potentially heal menstrual related problems
  • Preparation for pregnancy, birth and beyond into motherhood
    Improving overall health

Well Woman Yoga nurtures and supports women’s wellbeing at every stage of life. All women are welcome on this course.
Book your place HERE.

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