Secret Shakti Celebration

Connect to your inner shakti

Have you ever wanted to really shake things up, experience Yoga and yourself in a completely different way, push your boundaries, and at the same time rediscover your joy?

That’s what the Secret Shakti Celebration is all about. It is a step into the unknown, a liberation, letting go of our pre-conceptions, and experimenting. We will try something new with each Celebration, some things will work brilliantly, others not quite so well probably, but we will always be true to ourselves and to our desire and need to unleash our Shakti!

Each event will involve Yoga, in one form or another, some lovely food, and sharing an unforgettable experience. It may be an evening, a day, a weekend or even a retreat to a far-flung place. We will tell you where (in time). We will tell you when. But you will have to wait for the what.

The exact location of  all of our special Secret Shakti Celebration’s will be shared with you 48 hours before the event.


Our next Secret Shakti Celebration is being crafted as we speak. For women who do not feel brave enough to step into the unknown, we have a replay option at the same venue happening later on this year (Full details of the venue and the day’s sessions available on request).

For those who are wanting to step into the unknown and push their boundaries and explore, sign up here to be kept updated with all things Secret Shakti and be the first to know about new dates. Each one will be unique and in a different place. I am working through the details of the next one now, all will be revealed soon.

A huge thank you and lots of gratitude going out to all the wonderful women who shared the day with me. It was great fun, thanks so much for making it a fabulous day.

Our first Secret Shakti Celebration took place on April 23rd 2016 and it was a resounding success….Have a read of the blog to read about what we got up to and what people thought about the day.

Shakti Power! XXX

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