About Allwoman Lara

I’m Lara Heppell and I work with women through movement, bodywork and in community using cycle and seasonal awareness.

  • I’m an experienced Yoga Teacher, Doula, Mizan Abdominal Massage Therapist and Holistic Women’s Wellness Practitioner.
  • I love somatic movement, bodywork and all forms of dance.
  • I’m a bit of a research geek and read all I can about the body, movement and anatomy.
  • As an ex-dancer, I adore feminine, non-linear, fluid Yoga that’s intuitive and body led. I like to explore and get creative with movement.
  • I’m a Restorative Yoga and Meditation expert. It’s self-love in action and helps me find balance in my busy world as mum to a very active son.
  • I’m obsessed with my cycle, the seasons and the ways in which we can work more closely with ourselves and nature to bring more awareness, compassion and balance into our lives.
  • I thrive on listening to music, being out in nature or by the sea – it soothes and calms my wild side.

In my previous life, I was a Project Manager for a large corporation. Who knew?

  • You’re stressed, tired, tense or anxious and you can never fully relax.
  • You have unexplained aches and pains.
  • You’re hormonal.
  • You’re desperate for a baby, but you’re struggling to conceive.
  • You’re fearful of birth.
  • You’re overwhelmed and exhausted by motherhood and life.
  • You feel disconnected from who you really are.
  • You’ve lost your inner fire.
  • You long for a simpler life.

That was me once.

It’s taken me years to understand what I need as a woman to find balance, health and happiness.

And now I want to help you find the same.

I use the incredible healing, calming, strengthening and restorative power of Yoga, Somatic Movement and other bodywork practices to help you find the balance you need, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

Combining this with Mizan Abdominal Massage and prenatal and postnatal support, such as Belly Binding and birth preparation and Doula services, I will provide the support you need.

I specialise in working with women one to one and enjoy being part of their journey of reconnection and self-discovery.

It’s a real sharing process where we learn from each other. I’m still learning about myself every day. I think I’ve got things sorted and then the cycle of life moves on and I find myself in a new aspect of my womanhood and back in the unknown, ready to learn from my body once again.

I run workshops, programmes, events and retreats to help connect women to their feminine Shakti energy, the seasons, inner cycles and rhythms.

I support women to find more balance and harmony in their lives by deepening their inner connection to their own bodies’ needs, helping them cope pre-conception, with fertility issues, prenatally, postnatally or during times of transition, grief or loss and helping alleviate the symptoms of menstruation, perimenopause or menopause.

Read how my journey has led me to where I am today and join one of my programmes, so I can help you connect to you

Certified Yoga Teacher

As a child, I loved to dance, but as a teenager I lost my way.

Leaving home at 16, I was thrust into a grown up, stressful world, which I handled by hitting the rave scene, using recreational drugs and drinking.

I realised something had to change, so I threw myself into Yoga. I found solace in the movement. I thought the harder I pushed myself and the more it hurt, the better it would be for me.

I began to train and study Yoga seriously, first with Godfrey Devereux – who I liken to the punk father of Yoga – and then with teachers in both the UK and India.

I started to teach Yoga in the evenings after my demanding day job as Project Manager in a large company.

I did what I thought was yogic – strict food regimes, three hours of Yoga practice a day, pushing myself physically to get an endorphin hit and to fit into a size 8 dress.

But all of this took its toll. It led to chronic illness, stomach health problems and deep-rooted womb issues.

I knew I had to make drastic changes to my work-life balance and I embarked on Yoga self-practice at home that was gentle, nurturing and mostly about rest and relaxation. I learned how to release muscle tension, rather than pushing my muscles harder. I moved away from the edge, softened, surrendered and let go.

My Yoga journey continued when I wanted to have a child. Whilst I didn’t have to wait long, it wasn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be, so I threw out the thermometer and charts that were stressing me out and began to really get in touch with my own body. I attended Womb Yoga workshops and researched how Yoga could affect fertility and my monthly cycle. I wanted to do all I could to improve my chances of conception – and it worked!

When my son was born, I moved to a gentler, more somatic Yoga approach to support me through the tiredness of motherhood.

I learned about Restorative Yoga from world-renowned teacher Judith Hanson Lasater, while Yoga goddess Angela Farmer completely altered my Yoga thinking. I now view Yoga as being more about the pause between activity rather than the shapes on the mat. This perspective has allowed me to explore myself more deeply, enabling me to connect to the hard places and trauma in my body so that I can sit gently with them until they have softened.

‘Whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. What is soft is strong.”

Lao Tzu

Most recently I’ve undertaken Advanced Restorative Yoga training with Judith Hanson Lasater and learned new Somatic Movement practices from Fabiano Cularo and Liz Koch, which I now integrate into my teaching. I have never felt so open and vulnerable, yet so embodied, centred and authentic as I do now. I’m more balanced in work and life than I have ever been.

As a result of my own journey, I now help women of all ages and abilities connect with themselves by finding spaciousness and softness within, while linking to their own menstrual cycle, seasonal changes and nature’s biorhythms. The mind body connection that my deep, restorative practice offers gives women the chance to transcend the physical and see their bodies as an extension of themselves, not something separate.

Join me and find the space to connect to you.

Through one of my programmes I can help you connect to you.

Join me and find the space to connect to you.

Through one of my programmes I can help you connect to you.

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