Why Spring is Special

In the past, the fertile Earth goddess Eostre was honoured in the Spring, which was celebrated as a time of new life and gestation. The emerging active energy of the Earth was celebrated with Dragon processions and eggs were used to symbolise new life and rebirth.

From a menstrual cycle perspective, the Spring phase occurs after your period when you start to come out of yourself again before you ovulate. It’s the time when the Maiden within us wants to rise up and have some fun.

Free like a flight of butterflies she runs on the wings of the wind.

Light as dandelion seeds, she spins until she falls to her knees,

arms outstretched to the sky.

She smells daisies and sugar, as she calls to me with her crystal clear voice.

She sings softly to herself when the moon is a thin crescent, a bright silver bow in the night sky.

She dances around me, graceful as a feather, dynamic as an arrow that strikes straight to the heart and rekindles my hopes.

Then she takes me by the hand, and together we turn and turn into a whirlwind of enthusiasm and vitality.

Her hair is the black of obsidian and her dress is white like the wings of a dove: she is young light reborn from the darkness. She is the maiden inside me.

Taken from Miranda Gray‘s A sacred time for women calendar

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