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Lammas time festival of gratitude and abundance

Lammas, also called Lughnasadh (pronouced loo-nassa), falls at the beginning of August. It is one of the Pagan festivals of Celtic origin, which split the year into four. Historically it …

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Ready to fully embrace autumn?

We are now only five weeks away from Autumn Equinox and already I am starting to feel the shift coming, as the nights are beginning to grow darker so too …

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My Well Woman Course Success Story

We Spoke to a Student Who Attended the Last Well Woman Course to Find Out What She Thought… “Booking onto the Well Woman Course , I was quite apprehensive, firstly it …

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Restorative Yoga for Stressful Times

I wanted to write a little bit abound Supported Bound Angle pose, or Hiranya Garbha- Golden Cosmic Womb Restorative pose – as it is also known. It is a real …

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A new kind of S&M

Earlier this year my sister, a single mum of three, was diagnosed with Hughes syndrome.  Everyone in my family had to get tested to check we didn’t have it too, …

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How to keep your cool in times of change

What exactly is transition? The dictionary states: movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change. What is it to transform? The dictionary states: The act or process of transforming. A marked change, as in appearance or character, usually for the better As a Doula I know the transition phase pretty well and transition …

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When allwoman launched earlier this year I asked my sister (a budding writer) to help co-create a poem with me that would really embrace the values of my allwoman business …

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SSSSh! So you want to know a Secret?

So on 23rd April we held our very first Secret Shakti at the amazing Priory Cottages in Wetherby and it is safe to say that it was a resounding success. …

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5 Energising Vitality boosters to awaken you to Spring

If you want to get things moving now and really start to reawaken to the new Spring energy around us then these simple practices might help give you a much …

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