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It’s Not The Curse When You Embrace It

In some societies, even our own, menstruation is thought of as a taboo subject. Often called ‘The Curse’, it’s considered unclean and something that must be hidden and not talked …

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Celebration Day for Girls – From Child To Young Woman

It’s difficult being an adolescent girl these days. There are so many pressures to grow up quickly, follow the crowd, keep up to date with the latest trends and then …

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Focus on the Seasons – Moving from Spring Towards Summer

Beautiful Beltane So now we’re in May. At the beginning of this month we celebrated the Celtic fire festival of Beltane, which honours the abundance and potency of the Earth and …

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Why go on retreat?

As a Yoga teacher, I’m usually the one doing the teaching, offering classes, workshops and one to ones. And I’ve been lucky enough to have taught women from all over …

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5 Reasons Why Pregnancy Yoga Is So Good

Yoga is a fabulous exercise for mums-to-be. As part of your pregnancy wellbeing plan, Pregnancy Yoga can help you to prepare and support your body and mind for the many …

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Why Spring is Special

In the past, the fertile Earth goddess Eostre was honoured in the Spring, which was celebrated as a time of new life and gestation. The emerging active energy of the …

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The sun is shining today and I’m starting to feel the Spring energy re-emerging. It was Imbolc at the start of February and it is soon to be Spring Equinox, …

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Are You Setting Yourself up to Fail by Setting Your Goals in January?

Spring is a time for seeding change, so there is still time to set your goals. In fact, it’s better to set your goals now, just as our ancestors did. …

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Focus on the Seasons – Moving from Winter to Spring

As the yoga I teach is very closely linked to what is going on with the seasons and the cycles of the Earth, I want to talk to you about …

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12 Days of Calm – Simple Yoga and Movement practices to help you reconnect to you.

On the 5th of December I started a #12DaysOfCalm offering on social media. In the busy build up to Christmas I wanted to offer out a little something special to ...
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