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Summer, The Mother Of High Energy

“Queen of everything, I am a multi-tasking Superwoman.” It’s Summer. And we’ve just had the longest day – the Summer Solstice – the peak of the year, the time of …

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When Is It Best To Practice Yoga – Morning or Evening?

So, I’m going to be honest. I’m not really a morning Yoga person. Well, not since my son came along 5 years ago. He was not a good sleeper for …

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Winter Solstice Pause and Reflect- Moving into Stillness

As we head towards the Winter Solstice we do start to remember that we will soon be returning to the light, however December is still a month of cold and …

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Balancing effort with ease in your yoga practice

We’re constantly subjected to artificial lights, digital overload and timetables that don’t take account of seasonal changes or monthly cycles, but impact upon our natural biorhythms resulting in massive sleep …

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When is Yoga not Yoga?

I was asked by The Telegraph recently what I think about the 'new fangled' forms of Yoga:
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Autumn: The gateway to new beginnings

Autumn the gateway to new beginnings As the leaves develop golden and brown hues, the nights draw in and the air begins to bite, we all know instinctively it is …

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Helpful Yoga practices to ease us into Autumn.

From a yoga perspective, practices that can help improve circulation, work into the belly and colon and help bring balance to the body are great for Autumn time. Vata energy …

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There’s Samhain happening here!

In the words of my heroine, Anne of Green Gables… “I am so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.” I love Autumn and October in particular …

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Ready to fully embrace autumn?

We are now only five weeks away from Autumn Equinox and already I am starting to feel the shift coming, as the nights are beginning to grow darker so too …

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Summer Yoga  – Get charged up and ready to go this Summer

It was Summer Solstice on 21st June. Summer Solstice is a doorway to the second half of the year… it’s a good time to reflect on our journey since Winter …

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